Thinking of Thinking

I think I am a hunter
Exploring and seeking, drive
To the unknown and pretends
An arrow waiting to fly-dive

I think I am a writer
Feelings and thoughts, running
Stories of courage, pain and laughter
A white blank paper, scribbling

I think I am a painter
Colors and shadows, sketching
Combination of edges and lines
A brush to express, blending

I think I am a photographer
Brightness and filters, capture
Memoirs, destination and moments
A lens to magnify, adventure

I think I am a follower
With unending faith, I’ll worship
Without Him, I’m nothing
A strong believer, evermore

I think I am me
Colors, words, photos and bow arrows
Complications, imaginations and ambitions
In the state of creating and fixing.

092015 - air



She believes in miracles.

She never knows what will happen.

She still holds on.

She fights her own war.

She keeps millions of unspoken words.

She writes random letters to no one.

She breaks down.

She stands up all over again.

She gets lost.

She finds her own right map.

She waits.

She is firm.

She cries (a lot).

She is unbreakable.

<credits to the owner of the image>